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[Quick Tips]: How To Conquer Sleep During Night Class

Have you ever gone for night class, with a determination to read, copy note or do something important, but only end up spending most of the night sleeping? It is not strange for you to feel sleepy at night; as a matter of fact, sleep is an inevitable phenomenon as far as psychology is concerned. However, when you have something really important to do, say, a test or an exam the next day, sleep is more likely to be your worst enemy.

These tips/therapies are tested and trusted ways to make sure you make the most out of your time in night class. It works for both serious and not-so-serious students, and can be applied that night before your exam, test, or any other important activity you would like to carry out in the night. Here are a few tips to help your night life:

Sleep: If you are going to cheat the night of its main activity, you need to make a small kind of appeasement in exchange. The human body needs sleep, no matter how small; try as much as possible to get a little rest few hours before you leave for night class (two hours, at least). This helps to relieve your body of the initial stress of the day and also gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start, and a fresh brain. However, it is advisable that you do not leave for night class immediately after waking from sleep; this is because your body might still feel insatiated from the sleep and the temptation to go back to sleep in class will likely set in.

Leave Early: If you plan to achieve a whole lot more out of night class, you need to also try to leave quite early (while the night is still nascent). This tip is especially good if you got very little or no sleep in the daytime. Leaving early for night class helps your brain to adjust to what you are doing, and there is a high tendency for to stay up longer when you are engrossed in what you are doing.

Get Rid Of Distraction: When you can successfully get rid of distractions, you are surely going to spend more time reading. If you are the type that cannot go for night class without your phone or device, you might want to reduce the rate at which you make use of them because you are more likely to spend more time doing something else, than what you actually set out to do. If you go in the company of friends who have the same resolve to study, you would find it relatively easy to stay awake longer.

Eat Light: Eating heavy food just before you leave for night class poses a strong threat to your effective stay during night class as you tend to find it difficult to read and you could embarrass yourself to sleep in the early hours on reaching your venue. If you have to eat heavy food, you should do it few hours before you leave for the class. 

Get Interested: The easiest way to get interested in what you are doing and not sleep off while you work is to make it fun. For instance, if you are reading, try as much as possible to make the reading fun, don’t just go through the wordings on the book; apply them to interesting experiences and objects (it is no crime to form music out of what you are reading, or writing through the use of mnemonics). This also applies to when you have notes to copy, or other relevant stuff to do.

In a nutshell, nothing works well as much efficiently as personal resolve when you want to do something important. Being spirited with the willpower to achieve a successful night-class helps to keep you awake for much longer hours than expected because you will tend to be more focused on what you are doing. However, your personal resolve may not work very well if the aforementioned steps are not followed properly.