Live like an ant! 

Ants are organised and disciplined: Ants living as ungoverned species is what dazes me. Don’t be misled, they are not controlled, not even by the queen -her sole responsibility is reproduction and nursing. They have no commander, overseer or ruler yet every member has a very high sense of responsibility of what to do and when to do it. As higher animals (so scientists say), we possess the instinct in an advanced form naturally, but somehow for one reason or the other, we pushed the reset button.

Unselfish unity and Teamwork: In every colony, every individual ant has its responsibility; from the queen who repopulates the colony, to the soldier who protects the species working via a huge network of individuals. In humanity, there is a bright future if we can learn to work as a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Spirit of Sharing: If a scout ant finds a resource which provides more than a single serving, he quickly leaves a trail of pheromones to help other ants find the shortest path to it, thus saving time to reach it. In humanity, I have come to realise that many people hoard information and resources, if only we can emulate that spirit of Sharing, certain life issues would not even exist and the struggle for success will be short-lived.

Action in Time: There is a saying which goes: "work while you work and play while you play, to be useful and happy, this is the way". Ants do not procrastinate, they do not halt necessary activities to send a tweet, update a Facebook status or reply a BBM message. They understand and execute their utmost priority in the right time and the right season.

Amazing sense of discipline: The ant distinguishes when to work and when to play, hibernate and when to scout. It stores food in summer and gathers it’s food at harvest. Except you are being paid to reply a Facebook message or tweet within the hour, you shouldn’t waste so much of your time on unfruitful activities. Discipline yourself and put all your time to proper accountable use.

Ants are tireless and persistent: Ants work all through the summer piling up stock for the raining days, they recognise that there would be rainy days, so they work endlessly when they can. They do not give up easily; as a matter of fact, they never give up.  Try placing a huge rock on the path of an ant, it will find a way around or over this ‘problem’ rather than sit in self-pity.

Ants dream big: An ant-hill is made up of earth, that is sand and dirt that leads into many tunnels of their nest. This huge nest is not built in a single day, and its size is determined by the size of the colony which continuously expands as the colony population increases. The hugeness of this nest is never undermined by their individual size.

Other characteristics of the ant vary from their incredible speed, to their strength and many more. But the most important moral is that to be a more successful specie and build a more promising society, we as humans must be ready to evolve from our current state of selfishness, laziness and idleness to united and hardworking individuals. Also, we must adopt long range vision as individuals, adopt the right attitude with absolute integrity and initiate great team work in whatever we do.

Live like an ant!
Insight gotten from Oshodi Moses Ayoola

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