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How To Develop A Successful Study Habit (Part 2)

Dear Student,

This is the second part of the How To Develop A Successful Study Habit series. The first part listed five important tips to apply in order to enhance the way you study and ultimately, your academic prowess. This time around, I shall be talking about how to maintain a successful study habit.

It is a regular situation for you to get tired of having to follow a schedule. A lot of people see it as a very tiring procedure that may not be easy to keep up with. This, however, can be remedied by following these simple steps:

How To Maintain A Successful Study Habit

1. Make Reading Fun: This is arguably one of the best things that can ever happen to a student (and non-students alike). Reading is a very vital part of the human existence and if you can make it a fun activity, you are bound to end up achieving many great things because you will be virtually unstoppable. One of the ways to make reading fun is to embed what you love most into the habit of reading; some people love music so much -if this is your case, you can simply make it a point of duty to attach musicals to what you learn. Whatever else might be your passion can also be embedded into your study life.

2. No Dull Moment: Allowing yourself to be thrown into despair by the very thought of reading can cause you to eventually lose interest in studying. As a student, you need to be up and doing with your books -prevent yourself from being engrossed too much in the other things you do. Some people are labelled "bookworms" because of how much time they spend with their books; this may not be the best way to develop your study habit, but it is surely a way to maintain it. However, it is easier to just make reading fun than to become a bookworm, especially if you never liked (or enjoyed) reading in the first place.

3. Like Minds: Surrounding yourself with people who reason the same way you do will go a long way in boosting your study habit. If your friends are the type that love to procrastinate reading till a night before the D-day, you are bound to follow in their footsteps very often. However, if you have friends that are always talking about the new things they have learnt, it will surely encourage and challenge you to pick up something to read so that you will also have something to say in their midst. Also, surrounding yourself with people that think the same way you do can strengthen you in your weaker areas. Everybody in a group cannot lack knowledge about a particular thing, or how to go about acquiring the knowledge of it; this implies that in one way or the other, your weak areas will be fixed while you are in a group

The most relevant factor is having a positive mindset of determination; the determination to study at all times!